Fishing on Langara Island

Twenty-eight miles south of Alaska, at the northern edge of British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii Islands, lies a beautiful, remote island accessible only by plane or boat. It is called Langara Island, and it is home to an incredible array of wildlife, some rich cultural history and the best salmon fishing in the world. Visitors to this island can enjoy watching birds such as trumpeter swans, green herons, peregrine falcons, bald eagles, loons and puffins. They can also view many other animals, including black bears, otters, sea lions and beavers. Whale watching is another popular activity on the island, and a trip without a sighting of whales, dolphins or porpoises is very rare. Langara also offers some amazing kayaking opportunities, and its cultural tours and hiking are second to none.

As amazing as all these activities are, they pale in comparison to the fishing on the island. Langara is located along the migratory path of all five types of Pacific salmon, and it is surrounded by sheltered bays and beds of rich kelp. It also benefits from warm offshore currents, and all of these things combine to give the island an abundant population of salmon. The Chinook and Coho salmon are more plentiful on Langara than anywhere else in the world, and the island is famous for providing prize Chinook as big as 75 pounds. It also contains a vast array of other ocean fish, including other types of salmon, red snapper, blue shark and halibut. Because the island contains so many bays, anglers can catch these fish without ever venturing onto the open ocean. In addition, Langara abounds with streams that contain freshwater fish such as rainbow trout and cutthroat.

In order to experience all this great fishing, anglers need a place to stay. There are many boats and lodges on Langara that provide great fishing opportunities, but none of them are as good as the West Coast Fishing Lodge. This floating lodge is situated on the northern point of the island, almost on top of the halibut and salmon’s most popular feeding grounds. This means that visitors can begin catching fish within minutes of departing from the dock, and they are almost guaranteed to catch plenty of it. In addition, the accommodations at the lodge are excellent. It contains twelve double rooms complete with washrooms, a spacious lounge with an incredible view of Parry Pass and Lucy Island, a sundeck and a bar. It also boasts full breakfasts and lunches, its own pastry chef and a three-course gourmet dinner with complimentary wine.

Fishing isn’t the only thing that the lodge provides, either. Guests can take a helicopter tour of the coast, go beachcombing on an isolated shore, participate in a whale or bird watching tour, take a nature walk or visit an amazing cultural history site. The lodge also offers special trips that combine a helicopter ride with beachcombing and a picnic. Langara Island provides many marvelous opportunities, and all of them are available from the West Coast Fishing Lodge.


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